Wall & Floor Construction

Avida has been investing millions of dollars in the most advanced technology since 1965 and today is at the cutting edge of design in Australia with the most technologically advanced manufacturing plant at the 10 acre site in Sydney. From the latest three dimensional CAD software, the computer numeric controlled (CNC) cutting equipment, through to the unique PUR hot melt adhesive lamination and cutting system, the technology Avida use is second to none.

All Avida caravans are built using this latest technology, like the unique and environmentally friendly lightweight insulated sandwich panel construction used to produce the strongest floor, walls and roof on the market. Avida also place adhesive coated metal plates in the insulated panels using laser guidance to ensure 100% accuracy during manufacturing.

The engineered Avida body is designed for the tough outdoor conditions with all stress loads shared from the unique construction process. The construction process demonstrates the extra effort made by Avida to build the strongest caravans on the market.

Avida's Unique Sandwich Panel Construction Advantage


1 - WALL Construction

The 33mm lightweight sandwich panel Avida walls are fixed to the top of the floor as opposed to being screwed to the floor side, providing additional strength that are also dent resistant with an easy to clean external fibreglass surface.

2 - One Piece ROOF Construction

The 45mm lightweight single piece sandwich panel Avida roof is glued, screwed and fully waterproofed to ensure strength, longevity and sealing.

3 - One Piece FLOOR Construction

The 49mm lightweight sandwich panel floor design adds strength and prevents movement under foot with the underside of the floors completely covered in metal sheeting to ensure a long lasting easy to clean surface.

Construction-FloorWall Construction

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