Menindee LKS

Menindee LKS

The Menindee LKS is the epitome of absolute luxury, a sophisticated motorhome for the discerning adventurer, offering comfort, style and a list of standard inclusions the envy of many.

The Menindee LKS has a stylish contemporary interior with clean lines, created for connoisseurs of modern design. Fitted with two slide-out rooms allowing you the extra space you are accustomed to at home - at the push of a button the rear lounge area converts to a comfy queen size bed with plenty of walk around area and the living space expands in size allowing you room for any additional guests.

The Menindee LKS is your ticket to freedom and your luxurious home on the road.

The Menindee LKS is the ultimate luxury motorhome and the choice of many couples wanting to travel the open road in style.

See the feature list.

Take a look at the Menindee LKS specifications including lengths, weights, capacities and chassis features.

One model that has it all! Take the virtual tour and be impressed by the amount of living space.


Watch a video walk-through of the Avida Menindee LKS to learn your way around the motorhome.


Interested in the luxury motorhome? Find out more about the Menindee LKS.

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