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If you've done any of the things on this list, there is a good chance you've become a grey nomad.

1 - You still think feet and inches is an acceptable unit of measurement. (Image:

2 - You run out of something in the kitchen at home but realise, "It's okay, i've got some in the motorhome or caravan". (Image:

3 - You pull out of the caravan park and toss a coin to see which direction you should go next. (Image:

4 - You use discarded caravanning paraphernalia in everyday life.

5 - You leave as soon as it gets cold down south, and you've forgotten what a cold day feels like. (Image:

6 - You're in bed at 7pm and up at 5am just so you can find your rig the best free camp spot.

7 - You're not sure what WTF means, but you're pretty cognizant of ATM, GTM, GVM, WDH and GCM.

8 - Other motorhomes and caravanners give you the wave driving past you.

9 - You find yourself waving to motorhomers and caravanners on the road even when you're not in your rig.

10 - You look at an item and wonder how much it weighs. (Image:

11 - You hold up all the traffic by doing 80km in a 110km zone.

12 - You find good value for money in a place so you choose to settle in for the season.

13 - What's a working year?

14 - A toilet cassette with wheels and a handle is basically a dream come true and doesn't even seem weird to you.

Originally posted by Australian Caravan + RV as 21 signs you're definitely a caravanner.


14 Signs You're a Grey Nomad
14 Signs You're a Grey Nomad
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2016-06-15 00:16:36