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Dealers, suppliers and members of the media can gain access to a private area of the website for purposes of gaining access to high resolution imagery, POS and video.

To gain access to this area, please fill in the form and carefully read the agreement conditions and ensure you follow the instructions when using any of our media.

Once you submit your registration you will be sent an email to click a link for verification. Once you have verified your account Avida will be sent a notification and will manually activate your account. When they have done so you will be emailed and you'll be granted access.

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AVIDA Logo/Image Specifications

Corporate identity is a subject of importance to us all. It supports our efforts to demonstrate leadership in the Recreational Vehicle Industry. Our corporate identity is increased in strength and value when images and logo are used correctly, while its value decreases when they are wrongly used.

Your help in the correct implementation of these standards is crucial in maintaining our strong market profile and leadership role.

Other Conditions

  • The use of logo/images are restricted only to the purpose applied for.
    • Additional uses of the logo/images require the submission of another logo/image application form.
  • Approval of final artwork must be sought from Avida prior to print or electronic publication.
    • PDF may be emailed to OR posted to PO Box 420, EMU PLAINS NSW 2750
  • A final copy of the published item must be forwarded to:
    • Avida Attn: Samantha Binns PO Box 420, EMU PLAINS NSW 2750


Each and every Image contained on our website is owned by Avida Recreational Vehicles Div. Knott Investments Proprietary Limited and is protected by copyright and trademark registration. No part may be reproduced or published without written consent.

If image is approved to be used in a non - Avida related article the following words must be visible along the bottom or side of the photo "© Avida -".

Full logo guidelines are available in the media section.

- I have read, understand and agree to the above agreement and conditions of Image/logo use.